Slovakia allows exports to supply Russian military, reports Denník N

The engines, bearings and machinery Putin needs to build the weapon are being shipped from Slovakia to Russia, a daily newspaper said.

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Slovak customs officials have authorized the export of goods to companies that supply goods to Russian military contractors. Dennik N Daily Reported on Friday.

“We cannot determine whether goods exported to Russia will be used by the Russian military,” said Denick N.

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Denník N has published a list of thousands of goods that Slovak customs officials have authorized for direct export to Russia since Ukraine’s full-scale invasion in February 2022. The entire engine can be used to craft heavy weapons. The daily also linked the suppliers of some of these products with producers of Russian military technology.

“The main finding is that during the export approval process, customs officials probably [exported] Goods may be used to produce military technology. That is, if these are commodities used for both military and civilian purposes,” the daily wrote.

According to Denník N, it is not clear that the exporter is actually from Slovakia. The daily says that EU regulations allow even exporters from other he EU member states to carry out customs clearance in Slovakia upon request.

Prime Minister Eduard Hager said he was confirming the findings of defense officials and journalists. Defense Minister Yaroslav Nae admitted that he was aware of the findings and thought the practice was problematic. “Once the entire list of items supplied has been evaluated, we will take appropriate action,” he said in his Denník N.

The National Assembly’s Defense and Security Committee and Finance Committee will be convened for a joint meeting to discuss the issue. Slovakia allows exports to supply Russian military, reports Denník N

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