Slovakia detours Russia to secure winter gas, but at a cost

13. July 2022 12:04 Me Premium content

Almost half of the gas that Slovakia needs each year is now stored in underground gas storage facilities.

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Slovakia has enough gas for the entire heating season until the end of March 2023. Its underground gas storage facility is filled up to 49% of its capacity and is the second highest level in the EU after Lithuania.

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Richard Prokypčák, general director of the state-owned gas company Slovenský Plynárenský Priemysel (SPP), states that households and industries have enough gas to survive the winter without dropping a single drop of Russian gas.

Blocking the NordStream1 gas pipeline, which stopped gas flow on Monday, July 11, is not a threat to Slovakia. Pipeline operator Gazprom states that the outage is due to planned regular maintenance and must be completed within 10 days.

However, due to the geopolitical game of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his military aggression in Ukraine, it cannot be ruled out that Gazprom will not regain proper activity. France and Germany warn that this is possible.

Germany will be hit hard, Slovakia will feel it too can help. “data-msg-btn-logout =” Log in as another user “data-msg-btn-close =” Keep logged in “> Slovakia detours Russia to secure winter gas, but at a cost

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