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Between 2020 and 2021, the 10 largest executive search companies in the Slovak market saw revenue growth of over 13%. Recruiters deal directly with more candidates, but for executive search companies the process is more specific and complex than ever. Therefore, clients choose executive search when looking for employees in important positions.

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Biggest player

The ranking of the largest executive search companies was topped by Amrop in 2022. The company reported the maximum number of general directors, board members, executive directors, and top managers found for its clients. Clients paid more and more attention in 2021. For objective and subjective reasons, decision making was time consuming and the selection process was lengthened. The client also paid more attention to how the candidates agreed to the changes in the situation caused by the pandemic, and how successful they were at the major companies or their teams.

“Leadership perceptions are changing and more focus is being placed on factors related to ESG approaches and more,” said Šulík. ESG represents environmental, social and governance elements. Their purpose is to be a responsible and sustainable business not only for the environment, but also for employees, customers or communities.

Arthur Hunt was ranked second. Her partner, Katarína Bittalová, named her the best year in her history. One of the key factors that had a positive impact on development in 2021 was the emergence of a new company in the areas of sustainability and ecology. This client’s project included complex consulting on positions ranging from top management to specialists.

“Thus, the number of positions is well above the typical annual average of filled positions,” Bittalová said. Arthur Hunt filled a total of 70 positions in 2021.

Another major executive search company operating in Slovakia is Menkyna & Partners in 3rd place.

“The candidates were primarily in low-level positions and weren’t slightly open to career changes compared to the past,” said Robert Baldovič, partner with Menkyna & Partners.

While hybrid meetings have become commonplace, businesses and candidates are willing to hold their first meeting through a conference call application. “Nevertheless, the decision to make an offer will only be made after a direct meeting that follows,” Baldovič added.

Novelty and details

“We have contributed to our health and introduced a walking session that is different from other markets,” says Bittalová. Personal counseling on walks allowed direct communication, even within the strictest pandemic restrictions.

Another novelty that the biggest companies have introduced in their work is the client portal, which gives clients the possibility to track the status of each selected project and even provide feedback in some cases. Such solutions were introduced by Target, Teamconsult, and Amrop. The latter also provided screening for candidates. This is mainly used when filling the top position. The consultant will perform a background check on the candidate, including a digital footprint.

Currently, some of the top 10 ranking companies report that they are not just focusing on executive search, they also offer consulting on team, organization and personal development.

“In this complex, long-term project, we are becoming a strategic partner in the cultural transformation of large organizations,” says Baldovič. Slovakia’s largest executive search company

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