Slovenia Top 10 Events of the Week 18-22.1.2023

These are the top 10 events for weeks 18-22. January 2023, Slovenia.

water, wood (18.1., 19.1.2023)

Ljubljana, Ljubljana City Hall culture

Discover solidarity in Ljubljana! The exhibition “Ljubljana, the city of solidarity” invites you to take the next step towards a friendlier city, look around and discover opportunities for good deeds. read more…

Ljubljana, the city of solidarity

Thursday (2023.1.19)

Ljubljana, Krijanke, Viteška Dvorna

The Young Virtuosi International Music Cycle runs from autumn to spring at the Ljubljana Music Festival, providing an opportunity to educate young listeners and performers. This year the cycle enters its 30th season. read more..

The 8th concert of the International Music Cycle Young Virtuosi. ANAMARIJA LAJH (flute) & SAMANTA ŠKORJA (clarinet)

Thursday (2023.1.19)

Narodni Dom Maribor Maribor
musicSlovenian ‘New Jazz’ will premiere with the new album in Maribor. Etceteral is a new project by Boštjan Simon, Marek Fakuč and video artist his Lina Rice that explores the dimension of repetitive polyrhythmic music ‘Afrofuturism’. read more...

Etceteral – Jazz at Narodni Dom

Friday (2023.1.20)

Mojstrana, Slovenian Mountain Museum

A book about the life and work of Slovenia’s first alpinist, Valentin Stanić, is presented by author Ivan Sibek. Thank you for your presentation. read more…

Presentation of the book BLAGOSLOV GORA

Friday (2023.1.20)

Ljubljana, Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra

The orchestral works for the program of the second concert of the Baroque Music Festival were composed between 1743 and 1791. During this period, the emphasis in music was above all on simplicity and the cantabile style. Contrast.. read more..

UNREST – Amazing baroque music from the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra

gold, earth (2023.1.20,1.21)

SNG Opera at Barrett Ljubljana, Ljubljana

The opera Nabucco is well known and very popular among audiences, especially for the Hebrew slave’s famous chorus Va pensiero sul’ali dorate (Riding on golden wings, thinking). The opera premiered in Slovenia in 1959 and was revived in 2000 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the composer’s death. read more…

Nabucco – Giuseppe Verdi

Saturday (2023.1.21)

Celje, Celski Dom

We are inviting you to the concert of the Slovenian pop singer, composer, keyboardist Neisha on January 21st. 20:00 at Cheriski Cathedralread more…

Concert: Naisha

Saturday, Sunday (21.1.-22.1.2023)

Grafični atelje MGLC, Ljubljana

Join our Collagraphy Workshop to learn how to prepare your matrix, try it out, and come up with your own solutions. read more..

Collagraphy workshop

Saturday, Sunday (21.1.-22.1.2023)

Ljubljana, Ljublyansky Graduate

What happens to the castle when all the lights go out? The castle grounds become mysterious, even more magical, and the stories more real. Will the ghosts in the castle wake up too? read more…

castle fairy tale night

Sunday (2023.1.22)

Maribor, Dvorana Generala Maistraculture

It will take you back to the 60’s and laugh out loud. The untainted vibe of the juiciest sitcom, full of chaos and switched identities! read more...

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