Slovenia’s EXPO 2020 pavilion remains in Dubai

Ljubljana – Slovenia’s EXPO 2020 pavilion will remain at the EXPO site in Dubai, the government decided in a communication session on Monday. The pavilion will remain in its original location and become part of District Dubai 2020, continuing to boost Slovenia’s economy and tourism for another five years.

The Ministry of Economic Development and Technology said in a press release after the government session that the pavilion would be adapted for future use.The ministry hopes the move will help Slovenia seize potential in the Middle East market.

The pavilion will be the center of economic, business and tourism activity, as well as a social gathering place, the press release said. Among other things, it will be the main point of contact for Slovenian companies wishing to enter the Middle East market.

Unless the pavilion becomes part of District 2020, Slovenia must be dismantled and removed. Adaptation is estimated to cost him €300,000, while maintenance costs him €40,000 a month. Slovenia’s EXPO 2020 pavilion remains in Dubai

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