Smolaa Hrušky has a new single celebrating Slovakia Paradise National Park

This song should help promote Slovakia Paradise National Park.

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A year after Slovakia Paradise National Park celebrates its 100th anniversary, the park now boasts its own national anthem.

Track “Chystám sadoraja” [I’m Going To Paradise]Composed by Jozef Kramár, lead singer of Smolaa Hrušky, who has a laid-back atmosphere.

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“Slovak paradise is near my heart,” said the singer. His parents come from a village next to a national park. “As a kid, we always spend time in nature and hike.”

Video //

Songs and accompanying videos featuring spectacular shots from different locations in the national park will help promote the Slovak paradise area between Slovakia and foreign tourists.

Voluntary project

As for the songs, the entire creative process was in the hands of Clamart, but he asked the head of the national park, Tomasz Drazil, to include several places in the music video in addition to the monastery. it was done. Viewers will be able to see the Dobsinska Ice Cave, the grass cut in the Kopanecke Rookie meadows, and the popular Tomasovsky Wiehad cliffs.

“It took me a long time to write the song,” said the singer. “Musically, it was the most demanding project we’ve ever collaborated with.” This video was shot throughout 2021 and shot all-season Slovak paradise.

The band, which appeared in the Slovak music scene 25 years ago, released their latest album, “Audio statusy,” which reflects today’s world at the end of last year.

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During the pandemic, Smolaa Hrušky released several coronavirus-related songs, including:Vakcína” [Vaccine]”Snehová kráľovná” [Snow Queen] A song dedicated to the Slovak alpine skier Petra Vlhov, and A song celebrating the historic success of the Slovak national ice hockey team At the 2022 Winter Olympics.

The band’s latest single was created to celebrate one of the most beautiful places in Slovakia. “This song has the ambition to become the national anthem of the park,” Dražil said, adding that the project was born out of spontaneity.

First mention in magazine

Slovak Paradise, dotted with waterfalls, canyons and canyons, was designated as a national park in 1988. However, the current name was first mentioned in Krásy Slovenska. [The Beauties of Slovakia] A travel magazine from 1921 100 years ago.

Long ago, at the end of the 13th century, a monk who lived in a monastery in the Krastrisco district of today’s national park first described the area as “Paradisus”. The lyrics also include the word “Paradisus”, and the music video shows the ruins of the monastery.

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In the past, the national park was also known as the Hrabušické Rokliny Gorge and the Spišskogemer ské Krasy karst.

Slovak” [Slovak Paradise] Inspired by Christian folk songs, remade and released in April 2020 by RusínČendéš Orchestra and Slovak Tango. However, this track celebrates the whole of Slovakia. Smolaa Hrušky has a new single celebrating Slovakia Paradise National Park

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