Snacks and Mordants come first in a Tory leader contest after Tugendat’s exit

Rishi Sunak remains a front runner after the third round of the Tory leadership contest, and Penny Mordaunt remains second in the increasingly tough contest.

In the third vote of the Tory Leadership Contest on Monday night, Snack received 115 votes, Mordant 82, Liz Truss 71, Chemiba de Knock 58, and Tom Tugendat 31.

The Attorney General and right-wing Surah Braverman, who were knocked out of the contest last week, were putting their weight behind Mr. Truss.

However, that support did not seem to be enough to push the Foreign Minister to second place.

The ballot came after another day of turmoil in the Tory leadership contest campaign, but publicly expressed concern about the growing division within the party over the contest.

Most notable on Monday was the accusation that Mordant was unable to attend the ministerial meeting because he was planning a bid for Tory leaders.

Colleagues were forced to obtain the work because the Minister of Trade did not attend the meeting, British International Trade Minister Anne-Marie Trevelyan previously claimed.

As a sign of concern about how the leadership race was held, Snack and Truss confirmed they didn’t want to participate in the Sky News debate scheduled for Tuesday and urged broadcasters to cancel the show.

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“Conservative lawmakers are said to be concerned about the damage the conservative image is causing to the Conservative image, revealing disagreements and divisions within the party,” the Sky statement said.

Sir Kiel Starmer, the leader of the British Labor Party, said he was “surprised” at the candidate’s withdrawal from the debate and claimed to indicate a lack of “confidence.”

He told reporters at a bank in central London: Tear each other. “

Leadership candidates Snack, Truss, Mordant, and Badenoch have already participated in the discussions on Channel 4 and ITV and have seen Prime Minister candidates taking prime-time potshots with each other. I did.

Tugendhat’s exit from the contest is not unexpected, and Tonbridge and Malling MP are lagging behind their rivals in search of Tory MP supporters.

He had previously faced his probable fate head-on and rejected his proposal to drop out.

PA News Agency understands that in a closed-door husting organized by the Backbench Commission in 1922, he told the MP that he had been offered to set another candidate aside and retreat. I am.

He states: But my view is clear. I don’t make that decision, it’s for you. “

In a post-contest tweet, he said:

“Thanks to everyone who supported me and believed in #ACleanStart.

“This is just the beginning!”

Records in Ms. Mordant’s office came on LBC Radio on Monday morning for a further attack from Ms. Trevelyan.

Asked about understanding the details of Ms. Modant, Ms. Trevelyan said:

“Of course, perhaps now, Penny has spent the past few months preparing for leadership campaigns. I have the utmost respect for this. That’s the system. It is the mechanism of. “

“There were times when she wasn’t available, but it helped, and another minister got the work,” Trevelian said.

However, former Minister of State Mordant Baldwin, an ally of Ms. Modant, said:

“She is one of the hardest-working ministers and constituencies I know. I look forward to Penny continuing to present a positive vision for Britain.”

Cabinet Minister Kit Malthaus said he hopes the Tories will rally in a “spirit of harmony and love” after the battle for leadership.

“All parties maintain a coalition, the Conservatives are the same,” he told Sky News.

“When discussing these important issues and the leadership of G7 countries, we should expect a lively exchange of views, which is a difficult time for the country.

“If it was a full and polite agreement and consensus, it wouldn’t make much sense to compete.”

Julie Etchingham (Jonathan Hordle / ITV / PA), a candidate for Tory leader and on the stage of the ITV television debate

Malt House has not publicly declared support for Johnson’s successor candidate.

This week’s series of votes among Tory lawmakers will face the summer of a campaign to narrow down the field to the last two and seek the support of party members in the final vote.

The new leader will be announced on September 5th and will be Prime Minister the next day.

Mr Snack said that if he succeeded, his first trip abroad would go to Kieu to emphasize Britain’s continued support for Ukraine in the fight against the Russian aggression.

He told the sun: “We will strengthen our policy of fully supporting Ukraine, which Boris has led very well.”

However, Ms. Mordant said her campaign was backed by 10 Ukrainian parliamentarians.

Meanwhile, Ms. Truss, trapped in an analysis by the Center for Economic and Business Research, suggested that tax revenues in 2024/25 would be around £ 60 billion more than the Budget Responsibility Department estimates, partly due to high inflation.

“A CEBR analysis shows that we have the money to cut taxes while reducing debt,” a spokeswoman for Mr. Truss said. Snacks and Mordants come first in a Tory leader contest after Tugendat’s exit

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