Soccer: Cagliari’s bag on the verge of demotion Mazzarri-English

(ANSA)-May 3 Rome-Cagliari, on the verge of demotion, said Walter Mazzarri had been dismissed in three more games until the end of the season.

The Sardinian side is two points ahead of Salernitana, who is third down, after losing 2-1 to Hellas Verona at home on Saturday.

Salernitana spends most of the season at the bottom of the table, but has been aiming for a remarkable escape after a significant improvement in form since Davide Nicola coached Stefano Corantuono in February. ..

Cagliari will hire Alessandro Agostini, the coach of the youth team, until the end of the season.

Former Naples boss Mazzarri is Serie A’s 10th coach change and Cagliari’s second change this season.

After a bad start to the season, he was called in place of Leonardo Semprich. (ANSA).

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