Soccer: Juventus, Naples owners have dropped prices-English

(ANSA)-Rome, April 15-Juventus President Andrea Agnelli and Naples President Aurelio De faced a ban of about a year in the Capital Gain case filed by the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) prosecutor. The charges against Lorentis were withdrawn on Friday.

Agneri was required to serve a one-year term, and the Turin giant was required to be fined € 800,000, which was also rejected.

Prosecutors demanded a ban on De Laurentiis for 11 months and 5 days, and a fine of € 392,000 for the Naples club, which was also withdrawn.

A total of 59 executives and 11 clubs (5 in Serie A and 6 in Serie B and C) have been cleared.

The other top flight suits involved were Sampdoria, Genoa and Empoli. (ANSA).

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