Soccer: Rome Brings Back Conference League Trophy-English

(ANSA)-Roma, May 26-AS Roma will host the conference league in Italy early Thursday after defeating Feyenoord in the final of the first edition of the tournament in Tirana, thanks to a goal in the first half of Nicolo Zaniolo. Returned the trophy.
This is the first trophy recognized by the UEFA and the second trophy after winning the UEFA Cup and the Fairpa League predecessor of the Europa League in 1961.
This victory also ends the trophy drought that returned to Rome’s victory at the 2008 Italian Cup.
“I realized my childhood dream,” said Italian winger Zaniolo.
After the match, José Mourinho wept.
“Today we needed to make history, and we did,” he said.
Approximately 50,000 fans watched the match together on the big screen of the Studio Oiln Pico in Rome.
Until late at night in the capital, fans celebrated driving, singing, dancing and flaring with their horns. (ANSA).

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