Socerb Hill Fire Controlled, But Still Not Extinguished

KOPER – A fire that broke out Monday night under Soselve Hill in Koper municipality, near the Italian border, has been brought under control but has not yet been extinguished, officials said Wednesday morning. . They added that the current situation is relatively okay given how bad things were at that particular point yesterday.

A total of 130 firefighters remain on the ground as firefighting operations have been handed over to the day shift, said David Halvatin, head of the night shift at Koper Fire Station.

The night shift included about 130 firefighters and 40 vehicles, according to the defense ministry.

Aerial firefighting will again play a major role today, after helicopters and seaplanes joined the effort throughout Tuesday, although there was support from last night’s pause in air strikes.

Two Slovenian military helicopters returned to the scene this morning to help fight the fire, and a Pilatus aircraft is also expected. Police helicopters monitor the area with thermal cameras.

Two hotspots were still active yesterday evening, with mullet winds being the main cause of concern, but now the situation looks more promising.

About 15 hectares were set on fire yesterday afternoon, data from the Civil Protection and Disaster Relief Agency showed, but Hrvatin estimated that number increased slightly towards the evening.

Koper’s mayor Ales Burjan said at a press conference on Tuesday that the drinking water supply on the Slovenian coast is not yet in jeopardy. Several water tank trucks intended to carry supplies to the municipality were redirected to the fire site, but additional trucks were provided in coastal areas shortly thereafter, he said. Socerb Hill Fire Controlled, But Still Not Extinguished

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