SOEs Holding develops e-commerce site for health products

Medibiz will be the best solution to meet (meet) the demand for health products in Indonesia.

JAKARTA (ANTARA) – Pharmaceutical State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) Holding led by Bio Farma has created an online business-to-business (B2B) marketplace called Pharmaceutical Distribution Business Zone (Medbiz) to enable the distribution of medicines and health devices.

In a statement released on Friday, Honesti Basyir, president of Bio Farma, said the launch of the e-commerce site is part of a digital transformation of the health services ecosystem undertaken by the holding company, which includes Kimia Farma and Indofarma. I said yes.

“The development of Medbiz is in line with the founding purpose of Pharmaceutical SOEs Holding, which is to create joint innovations to provide an integrated, fast and efficient digital pharmaceutical ecosystem in Indonesia,” he said. rice field.

The digital health transformation effort is also in line with one of the focal points of Indonesia’s 2022 G20 presidency, which is the development of a global health architecture, said the president’s director.

“Medbiz will be Bio Farma’s digital milestone and the best solution to (meet) the demand for health products in Indonesia,” he added.

Bio Farma’s Director of Transformation and Digital Operations, Soleh Ayubi, said the platform is designed to improve the customer experience in purchasing medical products.

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The pharmaceutical B2B marketplace, which is connected to several distribution networks across Indonesia, is made to help customers find quality health products.

“This will make health products (transactions) more integrated, faster and more efficient, enabling an end-to-end health services ecosystem,” he said.

In addition, the pharmaceutical company cooperates with state-owned bank PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk to provide Medbiz users with 24-hour online payment services.

Handayani, director of consumer business at BRI, said banks continue to push the digitalization of the pharmaceutical industry and are expected to help people access health services.

Furthermore, this collaboration demonstrates BRI’s commitment to providing comprehensive financial services that meet the needs of the Indonesian people.

“This synergy with Bio Farma is BRI’s attempt to provide convenience to the public when using BRI’s financial services. We will continue to explore similar collaborations as part of our efforts,” Handayani added. .

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