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Softbinator Technologies, a Romanian software development company specializing in the design, development and launch of innovative products, has selected the Opera Center One Building from CA Immo’s portfolio as a new workspace tailored to the employees in need. Of strategies to strengthen your position as a top employer.

Softbinator Technologies, a company founded by Daniel Ilinka, has expanded its team of experts following development and listing on the Bucharest Stock Exchange. Therefore, more space is needed near the subway and the technical college where some employees study.

With the advice of CBRE, Softbinator Technlogies follows an efficient real estate process and selects a workspace of approximately 1,000 square meters, which benefits from the unique panorama of the Bucharest National Opera and the Dambowica River, on the 4th floor of the Opera Center Building. Did. The second transaction that CBRE completed within 6 months in the Opera Center project.

At the new facility, the Softbinator Technologies team will enjoy a modern, comfortable and bright work space with an efficient heating and ventilation system that puts the health and well-being of the people working in the building first. The workspace focuses on collaboration, connectivity, focus, learning, and exposure to organizational culture, but it also provides areas for relaxation and enjoyment that software development professionals seek. Close to the office buildings are numerous cafes and restaurants, the Cotroceni district, which is considered one of the coolest districts in Europe, several green spaces, Sismigiu Park, Izvor Park and the Botanical Gardens. University hubs such as the University of Bucharest Institute of Technology, the University of Bucharest and the Regie Campus are easily accessible by subway or bus and tram from the immediate vicinity of Opera Center One.

“With the leap from IT companies to being at the center of a corporate group that now complements and expands the services we offer, the move to a building like the Opera Center marks an important new point in the evolution of Softbinator Technologies. Our team is in full expansion mode and is always looking for new colleagues, and now we are having additional discussions: offices near the subway, universities that facilitate attendance, and parks. The company’s success is based on the efforts, efforts and creativity of its employees and collaborators. Therefore, this carefully selected space provides a lot of inspiration and energy for cutting-edge technology projects now and in the future. I’m sure it will bring. ” Daniel Ilinca, Founder and CEO of Softbinator Technologies, said:

Softbinator Technologies is ranked 3rd in the “Best Employer of 2021” national ranking created by the Undelucră platform. In December 2021, the company was listed on the AeRO market on the Bucharest Stock Exchange and currently has a market capitalization of over 70 million lei. Softbinator Technologies plans to open an office in Silicon Valley, USA in 2022 to strengthen its partnership in the Israeli market, where the technology sector has already exceeded the 20% threshold of contribution to GDP. increase. The company will also continue its plans to expand its range of services and products by conducting new M & A transactions. Softbinator Technologies Moves to Opera Center – Romanian Journal

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