Solar energy achieves maximum output in May

According to the report released last week by the Portuguese Renewable Energy Association (APREN), solar energy production accounts for 8.2% of total production, the largest ever achieved in Portugal.

Portugal lags Norway (99.6%), Denmark (76.1%) and Austria (73.2%) in using renewable energy to generate electricity in Europe for the first five months of the year and is renewable. A total of 59.4% of the energy was used for power generation.

The report also reveals that this fourth position in Europe was maintained despite a 5.8% decrease in production of this type of energy in April 2021 and a 4.2% decrease in May 2021. increase. Dam water level due to a large drought in Portugal.

Investing in renewable energy in Portugal means that the country has saved € 1.5 billion in natural gas import claims and reduced CO2 levels by 3.4 million tons so far this year. Savings in May were € 274 million, reducing CO2 emissions by 700,000 tonnes. Solar energy achieves maximum output in May

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