Solentino, Merton and Belocchio Get Silver Ribbons-Lifestyle

(ANSA)-Rome, June 20-Film director Paolo Sorrentino, fellow Naples Mario Martone, and veteran writer Marco Bellocchio receive the Italian annual Silver Ribbon Award from film presses nationwide. Won the highest award at.

Bellocchio’s Marx può aspettare (Marx Can Wait) was selected for this year’s film, and Sorrentino’s E’stata la mano di dio (The Hand of God) won the Best Film 2022 Award.

Sorrentino’s autobiographical growth story is set in Naples, Diego Maradona, with a total of six ribbons, including leading actresses Teresa Saponangelo and Luisa Ranieri.

Merton won the Best Director Award, and Ipporita Dimaho won the Best Screenplay Award for two films, Nostalgia and Quiridio.

Riboons also starred in the leading actors and supporting characters of Nostalgia, Pierfrancesco Favino, Francesco Direva and Tomasorano.

The award will be presented on Monday night at the MAXXI Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome.

Photo: Fabino and Merton at the Cannes Film Festival (ANSA).

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