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Somali government spokesman injured in a radical attack

A Somali government spokesman was injured yesterday in an attack by an Al Shebarb militant group, but his injury was “not serious,” the Prime Minister’s Office said.
Yesterday’s attack, which said Al Shebarb was late, would end parliamentary elections by February 25 this month, following repeated delays threatening the stability of the troubled country. Happened after agreeing to.
More than a year of lagging tension between Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble and President Mohamed Abdullah Mohamed (nickname is well known in Pharmaho) as their quarrel could turn into violence. Was deepening.
“A spokesman for the Federal Government of Somalia was injured in a terrorist attack. His injuries are not serious and we hope he will recover quickly,” the office said in a statement. Attackers killed in the incident attempted to get into a spokesman’s car before exploding the explosive, partially destroying the vehicle, according to sources.
“A suicide bomber jumped into a vehicle transporting government spokesman Mo Farah. He was fortunate to survive with minor injuries,” said Mo Farah, a police officer at the attack site. “The other two were injured in the blast.” Witnesses confirmed that the attacker had pushed himself against the car before the big explosion was heard.
One witness, Abdillaman Moarin Ali, said he saw “parts of the human body scattered throughout the area.” Al Shebarb swiftly claimed an attack.

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