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Somali Prime Minister accuses President of “coup attempt” after power ceases

* PM authority was suspended in a land survey
* President also fires Navy commander
* The Prime Minister asks security forces to receive orders from his office

The Somali president said on Monday that he had suspended the prime minister on suspicion of corruption. The prime minister was a coup attempt, escalating a power struggle between the two leaders.
The furious months of controversy are widely seen as distracting from the government of the Horn of Africa fighting the Islamic rebellion.
It will also raise concerns about the prospect of new clashes between factions of security forces allied on each side.
President Mohamed Abdullah Mohamed has accused Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble of stealing land owned by the Somali Army (SNA) and interfering with the Defense Ministry’s investigation.
In response, Roble said the move was unconstitutional and aimed at upsetting the ongoing elections. He also ordered security forces to begin receiving orders from him on behalf of the president.
The action Mohammed took was “an open coup attempt to the government and the national constitution,” Roble said in a statement posted on the Facebook page of Somalia’s state news agency SONNA.
“The purpose of the illegally crooked step is … to upset elections and stay in power illegally.”
Somalia began parliamentary elections on November 1st and was scheduled to be completed by December 24th, but only a few of the 275 representatives were elected.
In another tweet, the US and British embassies urged both sides to lift the escalation and refrain from violence.
Monday’s progress was the latest round of long-standing controversy between the two leaders.
Mohammed also said that during a similar investigation, the Navy’s commander, General Abdihamid Mohammed Dillil, was dismissed.
Dirir’s comments weren’t immediately available.
Earlier Monday, Assistant Intelligence Officer Abdilaman Yusuf Omar Adara said placing security forces around Roble’s office would not prevent Roble from carrying out his mission.
On Sunday, Mohammed and Roble accused each other of postponing parliamentary elections in Somalia, a country suffering from radical attacks and clan conflicts.
In September, Mohammed suspended Roble’s ability to hire and dismiss officials in a controversy over an investigation into a murder that caused tensions for months.
Somalia, which has had limited central government since the beginning of the civil war in 1991, is trying to rebuild itself with the help of the United Nations.
In the midst of chronic instability, this year we planned to hold a direct election for the first time in more than 30 years.
Mohamed and Roble first clashed in April, urging the president to unilaterally extend his four-year term by two years and urge a loyal military faction to temporarily seize the position of a rival in the capital Mogadishu. ..
The conflict was resolved when the president entrusted Roble with security, organized legislative and postponements of the presidential election, and Congress overturned the extension of the president’s term.
According to Somalia’s indirect election process, the local council aims to choose the Senate. Clan elders intend to elect members of the House of Representatives, who will elect a new president on a day that has not yet been decided.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/706968/Somalia-s-PM-accuses-president-of-coup-attempt-aft Somali Prime Minister accuses President of “coup attempt” after power ceases

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