Some MPs are “unaware” that they had to submit a disclosure

Some first-time lawmakers were unaware of the legal requirement to submit financial disclosures under the Public Disclosure Act, said Bishop Victor Cooper, chairman. Nassau Guardian..

The deadline for parliamentarians to submit disclosures was March 1.

The law empowers the Commission to extend the period for filing a “further period not exceeding 30 days” declaration.

“… There are new MPs who are unaware, and as a result, some people are just looking up, so they were advised that they needed to get their information, and they were advised as soon as possible. To do that, “Cooper said.

“It’s a matter of helping them and gives people who haven’t experienced the process before a brief grace period.”

Cooper was asked about the fact that some submissions had not yet been made, despite being extended beyond the 30 days provided, “this seems to have been done for some time, but entered. I’ve just arrived and asked to do it as soon as possible. “

The Public Disclosure Act provides that the Public Disclosure Commission examines all declarations submitted by members of parliament, senators, senior civil servants and officially appointed persons.

The Commission’s official bulletin also requires that the public report so that they can see who declared and who did not.

The Commission has not published a report for 14 years.

The latest official bulletin was from December 2011 and contained only information regarding disclosure up to 2008.

Cooper said he was appointed to the Public Disclosure Committee in January.

He said some MPs and Senators are currently submitting and are “a new member of MPs who reminded them that we had to write to them and do it.” ..

Parents Note that the submission deadline has passed.

“What happened was that people asked for an extension, and in some cases it was accepted,” Cooper reiterated.

He said he couldn’t say how many MPs submitted.

“I can’t talk about it now, but as I may say later, I’m asked for an extension and where it’s allowed … We still get people, especially new members, to send notifications. Their information will be available as soon as possible. “

Cooper issued a statement on Monday.

He added, “Many people have asked for an extension because they may have been involved in other things to solve the problem. We acknowledged that.

“They requested weeks, months or so to get their information, and that request was granted.”

Prime Minister Phil Davis’s office confirmed yesterday that he had submitted the disclosure on time.

Opposition leader Michael Pintaldo said he was also in time for the deadline. He said he wasn’t sure, but he thinks all members of the opposition are the same.

The Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office, Miles Laroda, the former chair of the Public Disclosure Commission, also confirmed that he had submitted on time.

• See today’s National Review for more information on this issue. Some MPs are “unaware” that they had to submit a disclosure

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