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Sonia Gandhi acted through Patel and targeted Modi: BJP in the Setalbad case

New Delhi: Saturday’s BJP claimed that Speaker of Parliament Sonia Gandhi was the “driving force” behind the “conspiracy” involving then-Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the 2002 state riots.

At a press conference, party spokesperson Sanbit Patra was Gandhi’s political adviser and leader in parliament, and the late Ahmed Patel destabilized the state’s BJP government and led Prime Minister Modi’s politics. He argued that it was just a medium that acted to undermine his career. ..

He demanded that Sonia Gandhi should work on a press conference on this.

Gujarat Police Special Investigation Team (SIT) opposes arrested activist Tista Setarbad’s bail application, claiming she is part of a “larger conspiracy” hatched by Patel in a court affidavit The day after, the ruling party attacked her. The provincial government was dismissed after the 2002 riots.

Defending Patel, Congress said the leveled accusations against him were part of Modi’s “systematic strategy to exempt him from liability for genocide,” which was released when he was prime minister. Claimed to be.

“The prime minister’s political revenge machine clearly spares the dead who were his political adversaries. This SIT dances to the tone of its political master, wherever directed. But you can sit down, “the opposition insisted in a statement.

In retrospect, Patra called Congressional statements mischievous, asking if the Supreme Court also acted under “pressure” when accusing Setalbad and others of “vulgar design,” and docked them. To register the case and arrest it by the Gujarat State Police, asking them to enter and lead.

BJP leaders said Congress seems to be preparing various types of denials and releasing them by changing dates.

“I want Sonia Gandhi to hold a press conference and talk to the public about why she plots against Modi,” he said, because his press conference was just a medium for Gandhi to act. Insisted that it was not an attack on Patel.

Patra claimed that she had attempted a plot to maliciously hunt down Modi in Gujarat with the aim of damaging him and the BJP to promote his son Rahul Gandhi.

Citing the SIT affidavit, he claimed that Setalbad was given Rs 30 for personal use by Patel. “Pattel only delivered the money. Sonia Gandhi gave it,” he claimed.

Patra said Setarbad, who was tracking the riots in Gujarat, was given Padmashri and became a member of the National Advisory Council when the parliamentary UPA came to power. He claimed she was behind this because Sonia Gandhi was happy with her work.

“Pattel is just a name. The driving force behind this plot was Sonia Gandhi,” he claimed.

Patra quoted the Gujarat High Court’s view that Setalbad misappropriated funds for personal use, including wine and holiday resorts, for the victims of the riots.

According to Patra, the truth of the whole case has been revealed. Adding BJP works with patience, not revenge, and believes in the constitutional process.

https://www.siasat.com/sonia-gandhi-acted-through-patel-to-target-modi-bjp-on-setalvad-case-2370730/ Sonia Gandhi acted through Patel and targeted Modi: BJP in the Setalbad case

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