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Sony announces electric SUV prototype and considers entering the market

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Japanese companies are planning to launch a company that explores the growing electronic vehicle market.

Sony CEO unveiled the new Vision-S prototype at the CES Tech Show in Las Vegas. (AFP)

Electronics giant Sony has announced a new prototype of the Vision-S electric vehicle and announced the establishment of a company seeking to enter the fast-growing market.

Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida unveiled a new prototype that has begun road testing at the CES Tech Show in Las Vegas on Tuesday.

A Japanese company famous for TVs and video game consoles is considering entering the electronic vehicle field, so it plans to establish a subsidiary of Sony Mobility in the spring of 2022.

Through this new branch, the electronics giant “aims to seek entry into the EV market.”

Vision-S has internal and external sensors that Sony uses to test autonomous driving technology.

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Future investment

The electric vehicle sector is still small, accounting for only about 3% of US current sales, but it has attracted a lot of interest and investment.

General Motors plans to invest more than $ 35 billion in electric and self-driving cars by 2025.

US authorities will spend billions of dollars to strengthen the network of charging stations or to encourage individuals to abandon fossil fuel-powered vehicles.

The company is also working on entertainment systems.

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Source: AFP

https://www.trtworld.com/business/sony-unveils-electric-suv-prototype-weighs-entry-into-market-53324?utm_source=other&utm_medium=rss Sony announces electric SUV prototype and considers entering the market

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