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Sony seeks to sell EVs, participates in high-tech crashes and enters the bright red field

Sony Group Corp. is exploring commercial launches of its electric vehicles and is rushing into the industry with high-tech rivals such as Xiaomi and Foxconn.

Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida announced the establishment of Sony Mobility at the company’s CES 2022 keynote on Tuesday. Details of the price and release date have not been disclosed, but the tech giant announced an SUV type EV prototype at the same time as the announcement.

Sony is a leader in the manufacture of sensors for autonomous and self-aware vehicles, a growing segment of the imaging business that spans most of the world’s smartphones and digital cameras.

Tokyo’s stock price soared 4.7% on Wednesday.

“We are considering commercial launching the Sony EV,” Yoshida said at a press conference. “Sony has established itself as a creative entertainment company that redefines mobility.”

The Tokyo-based company unveiled its first prototype car, the Vision-S, at the same event in 2020. Designed in collaboration with players in the automotive industry such as Magna International and Robert Bosch, the car was a concept car that introduced Sony’s technology to cover the core strengths of entertainment and sensors.

Xiaomi Corp from China. Technology companies from Taiwan to Foxconn Technology Group have entered EVs to diversify beyond mobile phones and PCs. Apple’s own ambitions for electric vehicles have been the most scrutinized. Bloomberg News In November, we reported that the world’s number one technology company is accelerating development in this sector.

https://gulfbusiness.com/sony-explores-selling-evs-joining-tech-rush-into-red-hot-arena/ Sony seeks to sell EVs, participates in high-tech crashes and enters the bright red field

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