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Soon: Istimara will be updated even if there is a traffic violation on the vehicle-Doha News

Previously, people had to pay for all traffic violations before renewing their vehicle registration.

People living in Qatar will soon be able to renew their vehicle registration (Istimara) Authorities have announced any unpaid violations.

On Qatar’s television, Colonel Jaber Mohamed Rashid Odiva, assistant director of the Media and Traffic Awareness Department of the Department of Transportation, said the breach was transferred to a dedicated section and prosecuted when the new procedure was implemented.

Qatar’s Ministry of Labor takes action against the company after a journalist investigation reveals fraud

This means that anyone who wants to renew their car registration can renew it via Metrash without having to pay a traffic violation in advance. This makes the procedure much easier and more convenient for those who may be facing financial difficulties when renewing their car registration. ..

The new regulation will be announced shortly after the “Traffic Violation Resolution Initiative” is completed on March 17, 2022, according to people familiar with the matter.

According to the current initiative, which began on Qatar’s National Foundation Day, people with traffic violations can save 50% if they resolve the penalty within three months of receiving the penalty. This is intended to encourage the general public to pay all tickets on time and without delay.


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