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South Africa says goodbye to anti-apartheid hero Desmond Tutu

A life-sized poster of Tutu is placed outside St. George’s Cathedral in Cape Town, clasping his hands. Here, the number of congregations is limited in line with Covid-19’s measures.

With Nelson Mandela and other leaders sentenced to decades of imprisonment, Tutu in the 1970s became a symbol of the struggle against racial segregation under apartheid control. (Reuters)

South Africa has begun to say goodbye to Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the last great hero in the fight against apartheid. At the funeral, the glitz was stripped off, but shed tears and got wet in the rain.

Saturday’s funeral began in a church where Tutu was also buried, with hymns and choirs walking down the aisle to burn incense and carry candles.

Tutu died last Sunday at the age of 90, causing sadness among South Africans and sending compliments from world leaders for the life spent fighting injustice.

Famous for his humility, Tutu directed simple, no-frills ceremonies such as cheap caskets, donations to charities instead of flower compliments, and eco-friendly cremations.

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State funeral

The Requiem Mass began at 10 am (Greenwich Mean Time 0800) at St. George’s Cathedral in Cape Town. There, Tutu used the pulpit for years to counter the brutal white minority government.

That is where he will be buried.

President Cyril Ramaphosa, who offers Eulogy, gave Tutu a special category of funerals. This is usually designated for the president and very important people.

South Africa celebrated a week of mourning and culminated in a two-day public release of the body.

Thousands of people traveled all over the country past a casket treated with small ropes made of pine adorned with a bunch of carnations.

A longtime friend of Tutu, retired Bishop Michael Nuttall, who was the Dean of the Anglican Church when Tutu was the Archbishop of Cape Town, will preach.

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