South lag puts pressure on the whole country, NRRP is a chance-Visco-English

(ANSA)-Rome, June 20-The “lag” in economic development in southern Italy weighs heavily on Italy as a whole, and the EU-funded national reconstruction and resilience program (NRRP) after COVID is an opportunity to close the gap. Bank of Italy Governor Vincenzo Bisco said on Monday.

“The seriousness of the delay in the development of Metso Giorno and the problems of the South are slowing the overall growth of the national economy,” Bisco released a report, “North-South Gap: Economic Development and Public Intervention,” edited by the Bank of Italy. Said in. economist.

“We are now offering a special opportunity to attack economic delays and strengthen territorial cohesion (between North and South),” RNNP said. (ANSA).

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