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On Monday 22 August, Riga city council secretary general Jānis Lange reported that the demolition of a monument dedicated to the Soviet army in Pardaugava had “started”.

Lange said preparations for the demolition of the monument are underway. Construction workers have installed a fence around the area. Another fence will be installed later.

We plan to bring in heavy equipment and begin other necessary preparations on August 23rd. Empty the pond and start dismantling the sculpture and the main obelisk.

Commenting on the method chosen, Lange emphasized that all possible methods were discussed both during the design process and in discussions with the construction crew.

«Defeat a monument without using explosives»

He did not give a specific date for the monument’s removal.

Ansis Pumpurs, deputy chief of the State Police’s Main Security Police Department, said the police had developed a comprehensive security and safety plan. Both the local police and the National Security Service will be involved in its implementation.

Residents are advised not to enter construction sites without good reason.

Additionally, authorities have banned UAVs from flying in the region.

“Attempts to operate aircraft or other objects over the site will be blocked and those responsible will be brought to justice,” Pamples said.

As previously reported, the political party Latvia and the Russian Federation has submitted a request to the Riga City Council to organize a protest against the demolition of the Victory Column in Pardaugava.

«We have received a request for permission to hold a rally at Victory Park tonight. We can say that we have sought the opinion of law enforcement on this situation,” said Lange.

«Law enforcement provided us with an opinion. Based on this opinion, we issue a negative administrative act. This means we don’t allow rallies,” said Lange.

Lange also said the rally was requested to be held within a fenced area: “This is one of the reasons we do not allow it.”

After the events observed in Victory Park on May 9 and 10, a donation campaign was launched on to raise funds for the demolition of the Soviet Victory Column in Pardaugava. As of June 27, the resident has donated his €268,385.60.

Regarding the donation plan, Lange said he has signed a deal with and that the money will be used to clear construction waste.

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