Spain wilts under the earliest heat wave in over 40 years

Fans, air conditioners, fountains and cold drinks were all sought after by the Spaniards on Monday (June 13th) and wanted to deal with the earliest heat waves in the country in over 40 years.

According to AEMET forecasters, a cloud of heat from North Africa has caused temperatures to skyrocket, and in most parts of Spain, a suffocating fever until June 16 or 17, a few days before the summer officially begins on June 21. The waves may continue.

According to AEMET, temperatures in central and southern Spain exceed 40 ° C (104 ° F), and current heat waves are comparable to the earliest heat waves registered in 1981.

People rode bicycles through the fountain, and dogs played with sprinklers as the temperature soared.

But for some, despite the heat, it worked normally.

At Toto Epeppino, Madrid’s famous Italian restaurant, 19-year-old pizzeria Simon Rome worked in a wood-burning oven.

“You work, for passion, and because this is what we want to do. It goes through my veins, this is my family,” he told Reuters.

The National Weather Service has also warned that the presence of sand and dust in the air from Sahara could further exacerbate heat waves nationwide.

Popular tourist destinations such as Seville and Cordoba often exceed 40 degrees Celsius during the summer, but on Monday the capital Madrid gets hot at 41 degrees Celsius, up to 43 degrees Celsius (109 degrees Celsius) in the next few days. Will reach.

2021 was a year characterized by extreme temperatures in Spain. A Madrid winter storm paralyzed the country in January, with record heat and cold temperatures of -21C (-6F) in August.

(Reuters) Spain wilts under the earliest heat wave in over 40 years

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