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Speaker invites parliamentarians to session on exam cheating

B. Isaac

Kuwait: Parliament Speaker Ahmad Al-Saadoun will attend a special session on Thursday to discuss cheating in school exams after authorities destroyed a network that leaked the issue of higher and secondary education that benefited more than 20,000 students on Sunday. Invitations were sent to members of parliament to attend. The request for the session was submitted by 10 Diet members who wanted to investigate government policies to curb misconduct in schools, detailing statistics on cases of misconduct identified by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology over the past five years. asked the government to provide

Legislators also want to know the truth about allegations that some private schools cheated to help students with their exams to improve pass rates and grades. The session will also discuss a bill that would require prison terms of up to seven years for those who promote cheating in schools. It was not immediately clear whether the government would attend the meeting. The presence of at least one of her ministers is essential to convene a session.

On the other hand, the National Assembly Secretariat dismissed the Secretary General of the National Assembly and forced him to retire. His assistant, Khaled Busaleeb, is to serve as Acting Secretary-General until a permanent staff is appointed.

MP Hamad Al-Matar also questioned why the cost of domestic oil production had risen sharply, which was reflected in a draft budget that predicted a huge budget deficit of KD 6.8 billion. Meanwhile, MP Adel Aldamki sent a series of questions to the Acting Defense Minister about allegations of wrongdoing in directly awarding the military contract for the construction of the Caracal helicopter facility to the US Army Corps of Engineers.

The lawmaker alleged that a division of Kuwait’s Ministry of Defense awarded the contract directly to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, in violation of rules for awarding military contracts. He said the Foreign Procurement Division had committed a number of violations in awarding contracts, and asked about the procedures taken by the Department in this regard. rice field.

https://www.kuwaittimes.com/speaker-invites-mps-for-session-on-exam-cheating/ Speaker invites parliamentarians to session on exam cheating

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