Speaker of the House urges entrepreneurs to pay employee Eid allowances

Jakarta (ANTARA)-Puan Maharani, a speaker at the House of Representatives (DPR RI), urged entrepreneurs to pay Eid al-Fitr Bonus (THR) to workers in accordance with general regulations.

“Workers’ right to receive Eid al-Fitr bonuses must be guaranteed. According to general rules, employers must pay workers the full allowance at least 7 days before their religious holidays. “Maharani said in a statement received here. Sunday.

She said that 2021 Government Rule 36 on Wages and Religious Allowances for Workers 2016 Wages and Personnel Authority Rule 6 must be referenced by entrepreneurs for the payment of allowances. Pointed out.

For the past two years, entrepreneurs have been generous in paying Eid allowances to reduce the business burden of COVID-19 during a pandemic, according to speakers.

This year, she warned that entrepreneurs will have to pay employees the full Eid bonus according to ministerial rules, and those who do not pay will be sanctioned.

“Providing Eid’s allowance is an entrepreneur’s duty to their workers. If their company is delayed or fails to pay the allowance, they will be sanctioned,” Maharani said.

Speakers warned that paying late allowances would be a nuisance to workers, especially if the government allowed Eid to resume his return trip, especially as the pandemic situation in Indonesia’s COVID-19 is gradually improving.

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“Eid’s allowance must be transferred before the worker arrives at home. The provision of the allowance will truly return the worker to his hometown,” she said.

Maharani reminded entrepreneurs not to pay Eid’s allowance in installments, despite previously accepted practices.

“Our economy is slowly recovering, so there is no reason to delay or reduce the Eid bonuses for workers,” said the speaker.

She then asked workers to file a report with relevant authorities, such as the Ministry of Personnel and Parliament, if they experienced a breach of Eid’s right to allowance.

“Because Congress has a duty of oversight, we are open to the wishes of the inhabitants. Submit your complaints to the various channels that the House of Representatives has,” Maharani said.

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