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Speakers emphasize the need for regular Arab meetings

Cairo: Marzouq Ali Al-Ghanem, Chairman of the Kuwaiti Parliament, emphasized the need for a pan-Arab conference yesterday. At the fourth meeting of the Arab Parliamentary Union (AIPU), Ganem called on decision makers in Arab countries to prioritize and unify rhetoric on key issues. He added that such objectives can be achieved through ongoing consultation, dialogue and brainstorming.

Ganem said he was deeply distressed when considering the draft conference on the crisis in Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Lebanon. “Not because of these many crises, I’m very sad and deeply worried. We’re used to this, but rather we regularly fail to establish state stability. “Because of this,” he said, saying that these crises mask substantive issues such as the rights and democracy of women and youth. “In many of our states, we can’t afford to deal with such important files behind instability and social unrest. Such a very disastrous paradox,” he said. “We need to prioritize and act according to high-level coordination mechanisms. We should have a single rhetoric as much as possible, which is continuous consultation, dialogue and brainstorming. It can only be achieved by storming, “he emphasized.

Faced with a dangerous challenge, Ganem confirmed on Friday the need to tackle the rift between Arabs and unify the classes of the different peoples of the country. Mr Ganem said the final statement of the treaty confirmed the need to consolidate the status of Arabs in order to face very dangerous external challenges. The ideal way to achieve these goals is to tackle the division between Arabs and unify their ranks “to be able to face the challenges”. He showed that the Kuwait delegation during the tournament demanded a unified stance among Arabs at international districts and events. He also called for a common strategy to strengthen the country.

Meanwhile, Abdullah Al-Turaiji, chairman of the Arab Parliament Scout Union and the Kuwaiti Scout Association, confirmed Kuwait’s position on the Arab issue on the Palestinian issue and confirmed his firmness to the strong presence of the Kuwaiti parliament. Expressed pride. Various Arab and International Parliamentary Forums. Mr. Turiji said His Royal Highness Amir Sheikh Nawaf al Ahmad al Javert al Sabah, political leaders and the Kuwaiti parliament have agreed on all Arab issues.

He added that the participation of the Kuwaiti parliamentary sector reflects the support and solidity of the attitude towards various Arab issues. In addition, he praised the influential role played by Speaker Ganem and the Secretariat of Parliament. Mr. Turiji evaluated the results of the meeting he attended on behalf of the Observer and the General Assembly of the Arab Parliamentary Scout Federation and showed that the meeting was successful. – Kuna

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