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Special precautions required as Omicron becomes the dominant global variant

Precautionary measures are essential to combat the Covid-19 pandemic epidemic in Qatar, especially as Omicron is rapidly emerging as the dominant strain in the world.
Recently, the Qatar Cabinet has emphasized the importance of eligible people receiving Covid-19 vaccine booster doses to ensure a high level of protection and contribute to maintaining the stability of the national health system.
Dr. Abdullatifal-Khal, Chair of the National Strategic Group on Covid-19 and Head of Infectious Diseases Division at Hamad Medical Corporation, said further to provide Covid-19 vaccine booster doses to people receiving a second dose. He said the measures would be announced shortly. Take at least 6 months in advance.
Talking about Covid-19, Omicron variants, and various issues related to vaccination, Dr. Alcal said that Omicron is generally characterized by more than 50 mutations, more than 30 of which are on the surface of the virus. I pointed out that it exists.
This enhances the ability of the virus to spread among people, according to Dr. Alcal. Omicron’s diffusion capacity is 3 to 6 times that of the Delta strain, and it diffuses very quickly in a short period of time.
Second, it can infect a large number of people who can be infected with the virus by mixing with each other in a short period of time.
He also urged people to wear masks and maintain social distance in closed spaces, saying that the coming weeks are important.
“Even with the emergence of new variants, vaccines are still one of the most effective tools to protect people from the serious illness and death of Sars-Cov2,” said WHO’s Access to Pharmaceuticals and Health Products. Dr. Mariangelashiman, Deputy Director, said.
“This list is aimed at increasing access, especially in low-income countries, 41 of which are still unable to vaccinate 10% of the population and 98 have reached 40%. “No,” said Dr. Simão.
Qatar has been successful by maintaining one of the world’s lowest Covid-19 mortality rates, in addition to recording a decline in hospitalizations and daily cases since the outbreak of the pandemic in early 2020. ..
This year, the world has already lost about 3.5 million people in Covid-19. This is more than the total death toll for HIV, malaria and tuberculosis in 2020.
The pandemic has brought us all a unique set of challenges. We are still learning more and more about different strains of coronavirus every day, but public health experts continue to warn us that we don’t really need to show symptoms to spread the new coronavirus.
People infected with the virus can be transmitted 3 days before symptoms begin to appear. In addition, some people never develop symptoms, but they can still spread the virus.
The Covid-19 pandemic brings a new level of personal accountability to each of us. To delay the spread of the coronavirus and protect people’s health and vitality, we all need to continue to commit to the special precautions recommended by public health authorities.
At the core of these precautions is the need to keep a continuous social distance and take all precautions seriously, even if they are healthy.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/706879/Need-for-extra-precautions-as-Omicron-becomes-domi Special precautions required as Omicron becomes the dominant global variant

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