Special session for PM questions in the new PN Congress proposal

A special weekly session for the Prime Minister’s question is among the many proposals made by the Nationalist Party to improve the work of Parliament.

This proposal is Inspired by a similar procedure in the British Parliament.

PN dWith David Agius, Deputy Leader of Parliamentary Affairs PN Whip and Parliamentary Group Secretary Robert Cutajar Sent the proposal proposed by the party at the meeting Parliamentary Affairs Standing CommitteeTo the deputy Prime Minister Chris Fern..

The PN also proposes to hold a session every two weeks, rather than once, where the opposition can present its move. Every 3-6 months..

this teeth Also Call on the government to establish a standing parliamentary committee on justice, like the public accounting committee, without further delay. Although it is the majority of the government, it is chaired by opposition lawmakers. This is also proposed by GRECO.

A committee should also be set up to update the current standard order.

PN also to the opposition Support and resources needed for both humans and physicsTo be so You can better fulfill that duty..

It also suggests it Ombudsman report that is Submit to Congress When Discussed in the plenary On the date Determined by both sides of the house.

In addition, the PN We are also proposing the establishment of childcare services Parliamentarians and parliamentarians. Special session for PM questions in the new PN Congress proposal

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