Speranza Approves 6,000 Projects for “Future NHS”-English

(ANSA)-Rome, June 1-Health Minister Roberto Speranza Wednesday, the Extensive National Reconstruction and Relief Program (NRRP) funded by the EU after COVID to create the “United Kingdom National Health Service” He said he had signed contracts for 6,000 projects under.

He said it was signed 30 days before the NRRP deadline set for the relevant “European milestone”.

The program will create approximately 1,350 community homes, open up to 24 hours, and open 400 community hospitals.

“In this way, health care will be closer to people’s needs,” said Facebook’s Speranza.

Italy receives approximately € 200 billion in grants and low-interest loans under the NRRP, provided it devises major structural reforms. (ANSA).

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