Spider-Man actor Andrew Garfield spotted vacationing in Puerto Vallarta

On Tuesday afternoon, Andrew Garfield started trending after Mexican fans were seen enjoying the waves on his surfboard on the beach in Puerto Vallarta.

The American actor was seen surfing yesterday and according to some fan accounts, he decided to come to Jalisco for the sole purpose of vacationing and disconnecting from his life as an artist.

With his white surfboard, the actor showed off his skills on the waves in a burgundy swimsuit and navy swimshirt.

Prior to this trip to Mexico, the 39-year-old actor was seen vacationing in Italy and Malibu, California, where he also enjoyed surfing.

The DailyMail emphasized that he was seen with a “mysterious woman” during this visit from Spider-Man, but in reality, as he had done on past trips, he was a friend. She was also seen on the beach, walking next to another man holding two boards.

There are no more photos of the actor or his pals, except for one taken when he was seen surfing.

On April 28th of last year, Garfield announced in an interview with Variety that he would be taking a short hiatus from acting as he announced his temporary retirement from acting, although he has attended several events.

As Garfield shared after his performance in Under the Banner of Heaven, he took a break after a successful 2021 and was happy with what he’d been through, but tired.

“I have to recalibrate and rethink what I want to do next, what I want to be. I want to be a little human for a while because, you know, this award season has been like a washing machine,” he said. admitted in Variety.

“I need to be a little normal for a while,” he announced.

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