Spider with bizarre feeding conduct seems to kill prey by dousing it with poisonous digestive fluids

Feather-legged lace weavers (Uloborus plumipes) apear to douse their prey in poisonous digestive juices to immobilize them.  (Picture credit score: gunawand3570/Shutterstock)

Fuzzy, long-legged spiders might assault their prey with an ingeniously ugly tactic — by masking them in poisonous digestive fluids.

In contrast to most different spiders, feather-legged lace weavers (Uloborus plumipes) do not have venom-producing glands or a option to inject their prey with toxins by way of their fangs. As a substitute, these spiders appear to provide neurotoxins of their intestine, which can assist clarify their uncommon searching technique of dousing their victims in fluids from their digestive system, researchers have found. The findings had been posted as a non-peer-reviewed preprint on BioRxiv on June 28.

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