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Spotlight on first book on wildlife by Qatari student

Zakarya Aldeeb, 12, is a student in Doha and has been fascinated by wildlife and biodiversity since childhood. He wants to share his knowledge and interests with others and at the age of 10 he finished writing the first book in the ‘Wild World’ series titled ‘Desert’. The book was exhibited at the Qatar National Library (QNL) and was later published on Amazon for the world to purchase.
He embarked on this project because of his passion for wildlife and its importance in the world. He wanted to provide a clear, straightforward yet informative way for people to learn about this. As a result, he began work on a series, selecting some of the most adaptable animals that live in deserts around the world, and detailing some of the factors that make them and their living conditions unique.
Over 128 pages, the book features 10 species of animals and provides visual explanations and examples of how these animals adapt and live in extreme conditions, including social hierarchies. All information in this document has been obtained from several reputable and recognized sources, with behavioral and daily life data collected from validated zoos and nature reserves. He plans to continue producing more advanced publications and take the series forward.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/724024/Spotlight-on-Qatari-student-s-first-book-on-wildli Spotlight on first book on wildlife by Qatari student

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