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SpotOn Energy Acquires AGR Well Management

December 22, 2021

Credit: AGR

SpotOn Energy has acquired AGR Well Management, AGR’s well management division registered in Scotland.

In consideration of the transfer, AGR has acquired 20% ownership of SpotOn Energy. This will strengthen cooperation between AGR and SpotOn Energy in the future.

AGR Well Management renames it to SpotOnWellManagement.

Under current ownership, the AGR Consultancy Services UK division will continue to serve international and UK North Sea clients from AGR’s Aberdeen-based office in Admiral Court.

AGR continues to manage wells through its office in Perth, Australia.

“Our Perth Well Management Team has overseen the completion of over 60 well management projects and numerous well engineering peer studies. The team has completed over 550 well projects worldwide and AGR’s unparalleled wells. It played an important role in building supply performance, “says AGR. ..

AGR Consultancy Services Limited will continue to serve SpotOn Well Management, providing tailor-made talent solutions from Aberdeen-based offices to UK-based and international clients.

https://www.oedigital.com/news/493046-spoton-energy-acquires-agr-well-management SpotOn Energy Acquires AGR Well Management

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