Sputnik, North Kosovo: Frightened people, Pristina ramping up pressure, darkness everywhere


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MIA “Russia Segodnya”



sputnik international


MIA “Russia Segodnya”

sputnik international


MIA “Russia Segodnya”

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As the 1st of September approaches, the atmosphere in North Kosovo grows tense. Tension floats in the air. Residents of the north told journalists from Sputnik that their only hope was successful negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina on license plate re-registration.

People are frightened and no one knows what will happen tonight. Few people agree to speak to Sputnik correspondents informally, and no one dares to speak in front of a camera. People rush through the streets. The main pedestrian street in the north of Kosovska Mitrovica is completely deserted.

“We must believe that this crisis can be overcome without escalation or anxiety. We believe it will allow us to live a normal life,” said city resident Alexander P.

People buy only the products they need most in stores. It’s hard to find a cafe with more than 3 tables he.

People are concerned by reports of the presence of large numbers of Kosovar police special forces in all northern municipalities. Leposavich Mayor Zoran Todich said yesterday that he is building a fortress near the administrative crossroads. According to him, this is “disturbing and shows Pristina’s intentions”.

KFOR enhanced control

Meanwhile, KFOR has increased its activity and presence in the majority Serb community. Mission representatives maintained an enhanced presence at the Yaringe and Brniak checkpoints and reported that they were “continuing to closely monitor the situation.”

Serbs have expressed their dissatisfaction with the growing number of armed men in uniform. They believe that the international community has the mechanisms and diplomacy to force Pristina to abandon unilateral actions and thus can be the decisive factor in finding compromises.

“We are also confident in Serbia. We know we are safe only when our leadership is with us. Yes, we are afraid. Because we’re just guarding the front porch of our house with our backs to the sound of howling sirens, and on the other side are the armed special forces, who are arming themselves against us. I’m waiting for an excuse to use.I hope Pristina is also smart enough and someone in the international community will dissuade Kurti and curb her desire for North Kosovo and Metohija.We hope that people living south of Ivar will I know what happened to him and I don’t want the same thing to happen to us,” said the pensioner, who requested anonymity, adding, “He has young grandchildren.”

Journalists and Camera Fear

According to him, there have been several cases where people turned up to the media for normal administrative problems, and later people in uniform knocked on their doors. I can do it.

The time to reach agreement is drawing near. Official Pristina has no intention of pacifying the situation. Alvin Kurti, the prime minister of the self-proclaimed Republic of Kosovo, has reiterated that a campaign to re-register vehicles with RKS license plates will begin on his Sept. 1. Because he takes advantage of the offer to re-register the vehicle without paying VAT, excise duty and duty.

Recall that a few days ago Belgrade and Pristina were able to find common ground on the issue of citizen ID cards and freedom of movement.

Regulation makes the city look ominous

In general, recent power restrictions make the cities of northern Kosovo and Metohija look like haunted settlements at night. Street lights are working, but buildings and private houses look like ruins. Only a few windows show the faint glow of candles and battery-powered flashlights. Very few people have generators.

All residents of the Southern Region of Serbia are left without electricity for two to three times a day. Kosovo Electricity Distribution Services (KEDS) announced tighter limits due to the fact that the A3 block of power plant Kosovo-A fell out of the system.

And September 1st… Sputnik, North Kosovo: Frightened people, Pristina ramping up pressure, darkness everywhere

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