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Rukshika Wijesooriya, 23, puts an end to years of frustration by winning the coveted singles crown at the recently concluded 107th National Tennis Championships at Colombo’s SLTA courts. I hit

Luxica as we know her had the potential to win the title, but her journey through most tournaments leading up to this big win ended somewhere in the quarter-finals or semi-finals of most tournaments. . Except in 2019, when she won the singles title at the SSC Open, but she worked on her game and with her two-year stay in the US for her studies from 2020 to 2022, , brought a change in the game she was aiming for. In the United States she also had a degree in biology and was always an honors student.

She was born in Oman and lived there until she was 12 years old. By then she had been playing tennis for her four years. Since then she has continued to visit Sri Lanka and participate in tournaments there. “SLTA has been very supportive of my tennis, accommodating trials aimed at finding players to represent Sri Lanka in overseas tournaments,” said Rukshika.

She knocked on the door of the national selection and has shown a winning potential since 2015. “I improved my tennis while being educated in America. Before that, I was frustrated and almost gave up on the sport. I started believing in myself and now my head is in the right place.What I loved about America was playing for the team, not for myself. is,” she said in an interview conducted at an academy named ‘Tennis by Guy’ in Nawala, where she is being coached by her current coach, Gaiyanga Weerasekara.

Ruksika’s life story is interesting considering that when she’s not playing tennis, she’s a teacher at Alithea International School Dehiwala. She has a degree in Biology and she will later pursue her Masters and PhD in the pet field. She enjoys her teaching and has decided to stay in Sri Lanka for the time being, spending time with her parents. This is the time when most academics leave the country for better prospects, but Ruksika thinks differently. But I made the decision for personal reasons.I am happy to be able to inspire and guide the next generation to succeed in my role as an educator and sportswoman,” she said. .

Luxica’s upbringing is interesting
Considering she is a teacher
Alethea International School Dehiwala
when you’re not playing tennis.
(Pix by Kamal Wanniarachchi)

She defeated Anjalika Klera in a hotly contested singles final, the latter teaming with her close friend to win the women’s doubles event. She and Anjalika have been roommates on many of their international tours, and have lived together in a chatty fashion while on tour. But according to Luxica, much of the story is far from tennis. This is mainly because Rukshika is living her life happening outside of tennis. Most people in her circle of close friends have nothing to do with tennis. She puts on her running shoes, goes running, cooks and bakes at home. She agrees that she is a very emotional person.

Her school, where she teaches, congratulated her on winning the national competition, and Luksika said she was thrilled with everything they had organized for her. and when asked if she was earning mileage, she answered in the negative. “I am a very private person and keep my achievements private. does not.Tennis in Sri Lanka is made up of a small community and everyone knows how the players are performing and who wins what.The small drawback of this small community is that you are not playing the same person over and over again. It’s something that could end up playing,” she said.

According to Luxica, tennis is an expensive sport. To play at her level, you need to spend around 150,000 rupees a month. This is basically what you need to eat, travel and play at a competitive level. “I’m glad I got the grips and tennis equipment as a gift for winning the Nationals. I hope to be encouraged to go further in the sport,” she said.

She recognizes that Sri Lankan players, especially women, tend to lose their game once they turn 18. Not because of aging, but mainly because we start to pay attention to other aspects of our lives. As for Luksika, she said she still has a passion for the game and she will continue playing tennis.

Interestingly, she is a vegetarian, which makes her picky about what he eats. I love animals.I have 4 dogs and 3 cats at home.”

She would like to take this opportunity to thank her parents, Mahesha (mother) and Ruknir (father), for the support they have provided to pursue tennis and for their children in this competitive world where they have to run the rat race and survive. Thank you for not pushing her too hard. Surrounding expectations. “My advice to parents with children is to let them know that it is important to support and push them to some extent, not to the point of losing the joy of the sport or education they pursue. St. Joseph Wins Western State School Basketball Title – Island

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