Stanton still enjoys sporting life at the top of Australia

That’s a rough view, but at least in AFLW terms, the suggestion that Cora Staunton’s life is just beginning at the age of 40 has several benefits.

Veteran poachers have just finished their best season of the Australian match, including 18 goals, and feel like they’re still learning the match, the best they’ve ever played. He said he was not an older female player. ..

“When I go out, I train completely. I don’t participate in limited programs. The more I go through all the sessions and play AFL there, the more I feel better with just a match or training. “.” Stanton said.

Carnacon women Bord Gáis Energy GAA Legend Tour Series. She certainly won that legendary position during the Mayo era, winning four All-Ireland and 11 All-Stars.

It seems like a lifetime now that she has been impressing AFLW with 46 goals from just 40 appearances since she joined the Greater Western Sydney Giants in the 2017 draft. She just launched 18 of those goals last season, which was enough to put her in 2022 her AFLW All-Australian team, but as she controversial, she’s the final team of the year. Did not enter.

“Honestly, the days I was worried about individual awards are gone. Perhaps I was worried about them when I was a teenager or in my early twenties,” Staunton said. increase.

“I’m glad that someone in Ireland has finally been recognized, Aura [O’Dwyer] It was clearly recognized. But it didn’t really bother me in my own situation. To be honest, it was water from the back of the duck. “

It would be surprising if Stanton didn’t go back to the downunder when he had nothing to put in the public domain yet.

“The date hasn’t come out yet,” Staunton said. “Usually at this time of year, every three years we conclude a collective bargaining agreement for competition, basically considering salaries, holidays, health insurance, etc., so they are now about it. I’m just negotiating.

“When it is negotiated, they will tell us the sign-in trade period, and there is a two-week period you have to sign on. Decide it from mid-May to late May. I think we have to. Certainly we haven’t decided yet. We will decide when we need it. “

Major impact

Stanton was one of the 14 Irish women who signed with the AFLW Club last season. The new season appears to start in August, and she predicted that four new clubs would be up and running, building a league of 18 teams and selecting many new hires from Ireland.

Cork’s Erica O’Shea has been confirmed to join an unnamed club Vicki WallThe 2021 Player of the Year seems to be sure to receive an offer when their interest in the Meath Championship is over.

“I think she will have a big impact when she goes out,” said Wall Stanton. “She will take some time to adapt and get used to the sport, but in the next few years, if she enjoys it, I think she will be a big player no matter what club she joins. “

Stanton said he knows players who are actively participating in the AFLW and who have been approached by the club. This is not good news, especially for Mies fans.

“It wasn’t just Vikki’s approach,” Staunton insisted. “Whether those individuals are interested in going, it’s up to them. It’s up to you to know who the club is, the contracts they offer, and what they want. It depends on what their motives are, to win more all Ireland in Mies, or to pursue professional contracts, professional sports? “

Stanton believes that the league’s ambition is to make AFLW fully professional by 2026, and Irish players will not be able to combine LGFA and AFLW commitments each season for that long.

“I think this is probably the last season you can do both,” she said.

* The Bord Gáis EnergyGAA Legends Tour series, which will start on Saturday, May 28, Joe Cunning, A legendary host from the world of GAA, as well as Coke Stanton. Bord Gáis Energy guests will have the special opportunity to take part in all tours during the summer.You can see the full schedule and details on how to book your location on the tour at Stanton still enjoys sporting life at the top of Australia

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