State unregistered elephant property, freeing them against the law

Colombo (News First); Colombo Supreme Security to release 14 elephants under the control of the Criminal Investigation Department to their owners by several factions revoking the order issued by the Magistrates’ Court on the 6th of this month. I requested the judge court.

The elephant was placed under CID control because the elephant owner held the elephant without following proper registration procedures at the Wildlife Conservation Authority.

Allegations against the order of the additional Justice of the Peace in Colombo were filed by multiple parties, including attorney Hansani Premasiri and attorney Nirmal Wiklamage.

Ravindrath Dabare, a lawyer who appeared in plaintiffs, notified Colombo’s Magistrates’ Court, Buddhika Sri Ragala, that he had misunderstood the law when Colombo’s Magistrates’ Court imposed conditions for registration with the Wildlife Service within three months.

Lawyers also pointed out that, in accordance with the Animal and Plant Conservation Ordinance, all elephants not registered with the Wildlife Service are considered state property and therefore state liberation property violates the law.

Colombo’s Supreme Security Justice Buddhika Sri Ragala pointed out that the order was not made by his court and therefore ordered the lawyer to make relevant court-related submissions on 16 September. State unregistered elephant property, freeing them against the law

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