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States parties must inform voters why they chose the contaminated candidate: CEC

Panaji: Political parties need to identify reasons for supporting criminal candidates in a 2022 state legislature poll, Election Commission Prime Minister Susir Chandra said Wednesday.

Chandra said the code had not been strictly enforced before, but at the direction of the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court said the code would be strictly enforced.

“Political parties must publicly declare why they choose candidates with criminal precedents. They must publicly state on their website. We choose so. So … these are precedents for his crimes, we chose him for these reasons, and we couldn’t find more such people in the area, “Chandra said. He said at a press conference at.

MS Education Academy

“This has happened before, but it wasn’t done very strictly. In the past, political parties gave reasons as if they (candidates) had done a lot of social welfare work in the field. And that’s why we put them down, “he said again.

The Election Commission of India team, led by Chandra, is in Goa to consider preparatory work for the next poll, which will be held early next year.

“The Supreme Court asked to explain why. Voters can also understand why the party offered the candidate. Ultimately, the party chooses the candidate, but in the end The results are in your hands, the voters. We will be stricter and release the app when the elections are announced, “Chandra said.

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https://www.siasat.com/parties-must-tell-voters-why-they-selected-tainted-candidates-cec-2246015/ States parties must inform voters why they chose the contaminated candidate: CEC

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