Stephen Tipe, whose wife died of cervical cancer, filed a proceeding in the High Court

Stephen Teap, a Cervical Check campaigner whose wife died of cervical cancer, has filed a high court proceeding against two laboratories and HSE.

Co Cork’s Teap is suspected of misreporting his wife’s two smear slides. His little sons also submitted claims of neurological shock resulting from the death of his mother.

The mothers of the two Irene Teaps were 35 years old when they died of cervical cancer on July 26, 2017.

At the High Court on Wednesday, a lawyer at Teaps, David Griffin BL, directed by a Cantillons solicitor, sought a hearing date by the end of the year.

Padraic Hogan BL, an adviser to the Institute of Clinical Pathology at the US Institute, called for a hearing to take place in early 2023.

Judge Coffey, who was informed of the case, was told that it could take up to three weeks to date in December.

Stephen Tipe, Carrigaline, Cork, son Oscar, now 10 and 7 years old, Noah has offices in HSE and the American Institute Clinical Pathology Laboratories (CPL) in Austin, Texas, and MedLab Pathology Ltd in Sandyford Business. I sued. Dublin park.

Mr. Tipe filed a complaint on behalf of his family over his wife’s death, all with nervous shock.

This case focuses on two smear tests taken from Mrs. Tipe under the Cervical Check National Screening Program in 2010 and 2013.

All claims are denied.

The first smear test was conducted on November 25, 2010 and is claimed to have been processed by the American Institute CPL. This smear test is allegedly reported to be negative for cancer.

Mrs. Tipe gave birth to a baby Oscar on December 13, 2012, and underwent another smear test the following year, September 16, 2013.This slide has been tested in Medlab Labs and reportedly reported as negative.

The couple’s son, Noah, was born in 2015, but a few months later, in September 2015, Mrs. Tipe was diagnosed with stage 2 cancer and received chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and brachytherapy the following month.

After treatment, MRI scans showed no evidence of minimal residual disease, but cancer was found in her lungs and liver in September 2016.

Tipe and his two young sons are alleged to have helped Irene Tipe through a rigorous treatment program to cure cancer.

In addition, she is allegedly watching over the pain she had to endure and the decline of a vibrant young woman who fought bravely for her family.

Mr. Tipe and his wife tried to protect his son from most extremes of the illness process, but because she was being cared for at home, Mr. Tipe, Oscar, and Noah were overwhelmed by the illness and her body was overwhelmed. He claims to have witnessed her decline as she became dependent on others to help her perform activities of daily living.

In addition, Oscar and Noah were all young at the time, but their unchanging image of the mother was that she was sick and in pain, thus depriving her of her society, love and dedication. At an important stage of their development alleged.

Mr. Tipe was allegedly shocked when he received a call from HSE in May 2018 and was told by the Minister of Health that his wife’s name was given in an audit requested by the Cervical Check.

Mr Tipe is still accepting the death of his young wife, and it is claimed that his children must grow up without her love and dedication. Stephen Tipe, whose wife died of cervical cancer, filed a proceeding in the High Court

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