STIHL Opens Factory in Oradea with an Investment of € 25 Million – Romanian Journal

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Mayor Florinbilta has announced the largest investment ever in an industrial complex in Oradea. German company STIHL will open a factory in Industrial Complex I with an investment of € 125 million.

Andreas Stihl Power Tools will be produced in the industrial complex of Soseaua Borşului from mid-2024 and will have 150 employees.

“We are currently approving the largest investment since its establishment in Oradea’s industrial zone and to date. This is a € 125 million investment by the German company Stihl, in the first phase of the Eurobusiness I industry. Employment will be set up on 14.7 hectares of land in the complex. On Tuesday, Mayor Florin Birta told a local councilor.

The local council unanimously voted on the results of negotiations between Oradea Regional Development Agency with Stihl. The negotiation will pay € 0.80 / square meter of royalties annually for a leased area of ​​146,599 square meters.

Mayor Florin Birta told Bihoreanul every day that negotiations between the parties began eight months ago and took place in secret. For the first time in Oradea, Stihl Power Tools forced municipal negotiators to sign nondisclosure agreements.

“”The discussion was at maximum discretion. Even the local council meeting, where the investment was approved, had to be announced just five minutes ago.“Birta said.

“”Holding company Andreas Stihl AG & Co. Andreas STIHL PowerTools SRL, a subsidiary of KG. From Germany, it will be built on Oradea, Euobusiness I Industrial Complex, Borşului Street, a new production area worth 125 million euros, about 147,000 square meters of land. “, ADLO says.

According to the press release, “the most important investment since the establishment of ADLO so far” It is a step-by-step process and is the result of direct negotiations. As quoted in the document, Martin Schwarz, executive member of Stihl’s production and procurement, states that the company “realizes most of the battery sales in Europe.” The city of Oradea not only optimally connects to the markets that are important to us, but also convinces us through its well-developed infrastructure and good economic conditions. “

STIHL is a producer of power tools used around the world, especially chainsaws. STIHL Opens Factory in Oradea with an Investment of € 25 Million – Romanian Journal

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