STMicroelectronics Announces World’s First MCU Edge-AI Developer Cloud

STMicroelectronics empowers embedded AI developers with a new set of industry-first tools and services that bring edge AI technologies to market faster and more complexly by helping them make hardware and software decisions. and continues to expand its solutions for data scientists.

of STM32Cube.AI developer cloud Opens access to an extensive suite of online development tools built around the industry-leading STM32 family of microcontrollers (MCUs).

Executive Vice President Ricardo De Sa Earp said:
General Purpose Microcontroller Subgroup, ST Microelectronics. “Today we are announcing the world’s first MCU AI Developer Cloud working in tandem with the STM32Cube.AI ecosystem. This new tool brings the possibility to remotely benchmark models on STM32 hardware via the cloud. , saves workload and costs.

The STM32Cube.AI desktop frontend includes resources for developers to validate and generate optimized STM32 AI libraries from pre-trained neural networks to meet the growing demand for edge AI-based systems. increase. This is complemented by an online version of the tool, the STM32Cube.AI Developer Cloud, which offers a variety of industry firsts such as:

An online interface for generating optimized C code for STM32 microcontrollers without requiring prior software installation. Data scientists and developers can leverage STM32Cube.AI’s proven neural network optimization performance to develop edge AI projects.

Access to the STM32 Model Zoo. A repository of trainable deep learning models and demos to accelerate application development. Use cases available at launch include human motion sensing for activity recognition and tracking, computer vision for image classification or object detection, and audio event detection for audio classification. They are hosted on GitHub and allow automatic generation of “starting” packages optimized for STM32.

Access to the world’s first online benchmarking service for edge AI neural networks on STM32 boards. The cloud-accessible board farm contains a range of regularly updated STM32 boards, allowing data scientists and developers to remotely measure the real-world performance of their optimized models. STMicroelectronics Announces World’s First MCU Edge-AI Developer Cloud

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