Stop siding with North Korea

21유엔본부유엔에서북한열린북한에관한관한안전보장보장회의가끝난후린다 – 한관안전보장보장회의가끝난후린다 – 계린 (AP-Yonhap)

China and Russia hit hard for opposing further sanctions
I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has been unable to take action against North Korea’s recent missile provocations due to opposition from China and Russia. This year alone, North Korea has launched 63 ballistic missiles, including eight intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), all in violation of UN Security Council resolutions. Despite the convening of 10 of her UNSC meetings so far this year to discuss the issue, the United Nations has been unable to take punitive action against North Korea due to vetoes by China and Russia. rice field. He could not even issue a statement condemning North Korea’s provocative actions.
유엔 유엔 안전 보 북 북 의 발 에 중국 중국 과 과 의 반 별 별다 졘랕 취할 취할 취할 취할 취할 취할 취할 취할 취할 취할 취할 취할 취할 취할 취할 취할 취할 취할 취할 다 간탄 간탄 간탄 간탄 이 하 하 하 위 까 까 까 까 까 까 까 까 차례 차례 차례 가 가 가 가 가 가 가 가 가 가 가 가 가 가 가 가 가 가 가 가 가 가 차례 차례 차례 차례 차례 차례 차례 까 까 까 I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

After North Korea successfully conducted its sixth nuclear test and ICBM launch in 2017, the United Nations vowed to take retaliatory action against North Korea should it attempt to launch an ICBM again. passed a resolution to At the time, China and Russia also supported the resolution. But they are still against additional sanctions this time around, just as they were against the additional sanctions this time around in May, when they failed to keep their earlier promises. China’s North Korean allies are also disappointed, given that the summit called on Beijing to play a more active role in deterring North Korean provocations.
2017 년 6 차 6 실험과 실험과 cbm 발 발 발 북 북 북 또또또발 를 를 당 할 할 러 이 도 도 을 을 했 했 했 했다. I’m sorry.

China urged the United States to take the lead in showing sincerity and making realistic proposals to address North Korea’s “legitimate concerns.” China’s ambassador to the United Nations Zhang Jun has urged the US to take practical action to “suspend military exercises and ease sanctions” against North Korea.
중국 의 의 ” ” ‘려’ 려 ‘려’ ‘려 를 이 이 이 이 여 여 여 여 여 있 있 있 현실 현실 재 재 재 재 재 재 재 재’ ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ‘”

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres issued a statement calling on North Korea to “immediately cease further provocations”. North Korea has strongly accused Mr. Guterres of being a “puppet” of the United States. “I often think of the UN Secretary-General as a member of the United States,” North Korean Foreign Minister Choi Sun-hee said in a statement.
안토 안토 테흐 테흐 엔 무총 을 을 을 내 내 내 “북 은 상 상 발 발 행동 행동 즉단흘 즉단흘다”. ”북 테흐 테흐 를 를 를 테흐 를 두각 두각 두각 비난비난 비난비난 최선희최선희최선희 외 외 외 의 의 통 통 통 통 통 통 통 통 통 통 통 통 통 통 통 통 통 통 통 통 통 통 통 통

China and Russia appear to support North Korea in its efforts to foster new Cold War plans by strengthening ties against an alliance with South Korea, the United States and Japan. China is at odds with the United States over Taiwan, and Russia is at war with Ukraine. It seems that North Korea’s moves to heighten tensions on the Korean Peninsula and East Asia are being left untouched.
중국 과러 과러 과러 미 미 맞 관계 의 를 를 를 를 를 함 운 냉전 려 려 려 려 을 을 을 을 고 고 고 하 고 있 러 러 러 있 있 있 있 있 있 있다. I’m sorry, I’m sorry

However, it remains uncertain whether the situation will develop as China and Russia expect. They may bear the brunt of North Korea’s future provocations. North Korea is likely to conduct its seventh nuclear test soon. The Kim Jong-un regime is desperate for its country to obtain nuclear-weapon state status. That further provocation would encourage the United States to deploy more strategic military assets on the peninsula, sparking debate about the possibility of South Korea’s nuclear arsenal apart from the sharing or redeployment of U.S. tactical nuclear weapons. Such a response would increase tensions with North Korea, China and Russia. Beijing and Russia should reconsider their policies toward Pyongyang and avoid further destabilizing the region.
러 러 과 예상 예상 예상 이 이 이 이 이 하 하다. 북 이 7 강행 을 을 을 을 향후 이 능성 추 추 추 중국 러 러 도 있 있 있 를 얻 를 간절히 바 바 있다. 북 추 추 국 국 더더 더더 군 군 군 게 게, 국 것, 국 것 것 I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

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■ convene
to retaliate
■ Promise
■ Wages
■ ~ bear the brunt of the brunt
■ deploy (군대 무기를)

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