“Stop suppressing Shirasa.”

Colombo (No. 1 news); Sri Lanka’s opposition leader Sajit Premadasa called for an immediate end to the media crackdown.

Addressing parliament on Thursday (1), Sajit Premadasa said the government must immediately stop the crackdown.

“When Keheriya Rambukwela was media minister, I warned him not to suppress Sirasa Media because they were drafting a plan to do so. That plan was suspended,” the opposition leader said. rice field.

He said that even today attempts are being made to suppress the Silassa Media Network, which has helped introduce programs such as Gumada to empower the poor in the country.

He reminded the president that when the former was prime minister in 2002, he had removed defamation laws.

Opposition leaders have urged the president to stop cracking down on Silasa Media and stop preparing plans to terminate its license.

“This will send a very wrong message to the Human Rights Council, which will meet in Geneva in September 2022,” warned the opposition leader, adding that the use of the PTA would create a similar situation. .

Opposition leaders questioned the delay in investigating the attack, recalling an incident in which several Silassa (News 1st) journalists were brutally beaten.

He reminded the president that it was the Sirasa Media Network that once helped advance his political career.

“We must end the suppression of silasa media, social media and journalists and pave the way for media freedom,” the opposition leader stressed.

the latest news “Stop suppressing Shirasa.”

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