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Stopping the occupation of Israel is the only way to regain hope for peace.

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said stopping Israeli occupation and settlement crimes is the only way to regain hope for peace.
The ministry said in a statement yesterday that the Israeli government is paying attention to the international community in general and the US government, using international silence to implement Jewishization and reconciliation projects, ignoring their violations and crimes. rice field. In particular, it protects the opportunity to achieve two-state solutions and peace, puts pressure on the occupation, stops building reconciliation, ends the occupation, and restores hope for a true peace process that enables the Palestinian people. The words need to be translated into action for exercising the legitimate right to self-determination.
The statement touched on the escalation of occupying forces and settlers’ attacks on the occupied west coast, especially Palestinian citizens in areas classified as “C”, including Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley, their lands, towns, houses and farms. .. In particular, “Masafa Yatta” is in the ongoing work for “Israelization”, the Jewishization of Jerusalem, its characteristics and changes in its characteristics and legal, historical and geographical realities.
The statement emphasized that the escalation of Israeli attacks on Palestinians was not a coincidence, not the result of isolated individual attacks, but part of the actual application of the occupation government’s expansionist and racially discriminatory policies. did. Violations and crimes identify themselves as they compete with time to annex the West Bank, especially the large areas inhabited by a small number of Palestinian citizens, in an attempt to permanently close the door to the opportunity to embody an independent Palestinian state. I will clarify, with East Jerusalem as the capital.
The Palestinian Ministry said that these violations and reconciliation crimes are a translation of the position and statement of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett of the Israeli entity hostile to peace and Palestinian rights, and hold the Bennett government these full and direct responsibilities. I thought I was blaming it. The impact of crime and its potential for achieving peace.
The ministry warns the international community not to be dragged into the misleading slogan of the occupying government, which is trying to perpetuate existing colonial rule, swallow more Palestinian land and give it time to Jew it. did.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/708912/Halting-Israeli-occupation-the-only-way-to-restore Stopping the occupation of Israel is the only way to regain hope for peace.

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