Stories you may have missed, October 4th

Netizens say they were horrified to read an ST article boasting Singapore’s achievements in the semiconductor industry

Photo: Unsplash/Vishnu Mohanan (description only).

In a Facebook post, Foong Swee Fong wrote that Singapore “has nothing to brag about”. The semiconductor industry’s achievements from Sunday (October 2nd) have been widely shared online.

“Taiwan, South Korea and Japan are rightly proud of their semiconductor giants, but Singapore has nothing to brag about in this regard as it is just riding the momentum of foreign multinationals,” he said. is writing

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“So proud to be a settler, right?” — Singapore’s TikToker encounters racist white woman in Bali

Photo: TikTok screengrab/fu.wari

A Singaporean woman enjoying Instagrammable spots in Bali with a friend recently shared that she was interrupted by a British woman who “bullied” her for making racist remarks on TikTok.

Huwari, 24, posted the video on October 1, saying it was her first day in Bali.

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“No stars, they should be 0” — Customers feel cheated by char siu stalls offering less portions than they paid

Photo: FB Screengrab/Complaint Singapore

Disgruntled customers took to social media to share their disappointment with Bukit Gombak’s char siu stall.

“I don’t even understand why I have to give a one star rating. It should be zero stars,” wrote a Singapore member of the complaints Facebook page on Sunday (October 2).

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Customers complain that ‘Singapore’s only special coffee shop’ doesn’t offer straws ‘because they want to be environmentally friendly’


Netizens took to social media to complain about a coffee shop on Serangoon Avenue that refused to provide straws to customers to be more environmentally friendly.

Darren Tan wrote about his experience on COMPLAINT SINGAPORE’s Facebook page on Sunday, October 2nd.

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A noisy neighborhood parrot makes a woman sell Bedok HDB flat.Noise pollution problem for many people

Photo: Taken from and Google Maps

After 13 years of tranquility, a woman was forced to sell her apartment in Bedok because of a noisy neighbor parrot that crowed in the middle of the night and early in the morning.

A 45-year-old woman surnamed Wu decided to sell her Housing Development Board (HDB) apartment at Block 620 Bedok Reservoir Road for her neighbor Parrot.

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