Street Smart promotes road safety campaign for elementary school students

The fun and educational Street Smart project reintroduces the road safety message to primary school children in Malta and Gozo.

Fundación MAPFRE, in collaboration with Malta Public Transport, has launched yet another program aimed at teaching young children how to stay safe on the road through three interactive video clips divided into 25 steps. is launching innovative education initiatives. page selected by the teacher.

Javier, speaking at the launch held at the San Anton School. His Moreno, CEO of MAPFRE Middlesea and local representative of his Fundación MAPFRE in Malta, said: Both road and transport safety are extremely important, and more important than ever given the large number of vehicles on the roads. We believe the unique way these lessons are delivered by this project will help these young children become more conscious of safety and also provide a memorable experience for the children. “

Malta Public Transport General Manager Konrad Pulé said:
We feel it will promote initiatives such as Street Smart, which serve the public
Education and good practice in road awareness are fully aligned with our commitment
Always put safety first. Children can be catalysts for change given their enthusiasm to share the lessons learned in school with their families and help spread awareness further. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the children and their parents who cooperated in the production of this work. “

Instructional videos available in English are intended for toddlers ages 4-8. These videos follow Safety Sue’s journey across the Street Smart game board with different groups of children while learning about different topics related to road safety. Topics include obeying traffic signs, safety as a pedestrian and the use of pedestrian traffic lights, safety as a car passenger and the importance of wearing seat belts, safety as a bus passenger, and safety on highways. It includes your safety as a cyclist. roads; safety while walking or traveling with animals, and potential distractions such as using mobile devices.

Cast members include Leah Mifsud as Safety Sud, young singers Ike and Kaya as DJ and Inspector Inez, and young talented students from Malta Stagecoach. This video was produced by StageIt Malta in collaboration with Malta Public Transport and Fundación MAPFRE.

Interested primary schools are invited to register via this link or by emailing Participating schools will receive a soft copy of the worksheet pack.

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34 Street Smart promotes road safety campaign for elementary school students

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