Strengthen the debate on national youth policy

Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Research and Innovation Keith Azopardi Tanti speaks at the opening of the ‘Shared Vision’ conference attended by youth-related stakeholders

Aġenzija Żżażagħa organized a conference entitled ‘Shared Vision’ as part of the national youth policy, bringing together stakeholders to work with young people.

The conference will focus on ongoing engagement between government agencies, stakeholders, and individuals working with young people, with the goal of continuing to provide quality services to young people and to be continuously implemented for young people across the country. The process of close cooperation and coordination was emphasized. policy.

The main purposes of this policy are to:

They effectively support and encourage young people to realize their potential and aspirations while addressing their needs and concerns.
As responsible citizens, they not only participate and contribute to social, economic, political and cultural life at national and European level, but also effectively assist young people in addressing global issues. .

In his speech, Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Research and Innovation Keith Azopardi Tanti said that through this conference, organizations and individuals who are directly working with young people in society will participate in our conference and work together with the youth of the nation. We stressed that we can continue to reach our goals. policy. “Every individual has different needs, so we need to continue to work hard at the governance level with all the organizations and individuals that work with young people,” said Secretary of State Azopardi Tanti.

Miriam Teuma, CEO of Aġenzija Żgħaġa, said, “Aġenzija ħżżaġa regularly cooperates and engages with relevant institutions with the intention of strengthening cooperation and providing the necessary support for the implementation of the country’s youth policy. I will continue,” he said.

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18 Strengthen the debate on national youth policy

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